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Can you name some of those recent titles?
Well now if that were true how are these guys going to justify all of that measurement time and expense?Look at that blip at 58 Hz dammit!
No problems now when I had plenty previously on TWC 20 down.
You can go back to a point in this thread where XT was current and its use was widespread. There you will see many posts about how much better it was than no Room EQ. The FAQ can be disregarded in this respect IMO.
It would be a waste of time if it is really the FAQ that is "fundamentally flawed".
There is info particular to make/models found either nowhere else or in addition to elsewhere. I see that as a more common sense notion than contrarian and cause to champion a bit drama queen-ish. But a few have found the entry on page one burdensome. So be it.
Skipping by this resource seems to be a hardship to some for some reason.
No it is not telling. XT32 is simply a better newer version of XT and XT is far better than no room correction. A pretty simple concept, really.
When it comes to computer programs (which these are) of any complexity "flawed" is a meaningless term. They are all flawed. The degree of effectiveness between no room correction and XT is vast compared to between XT and XT32. You exaggerate.
better be if it's pay.
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