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Home theater Room will be completely dark when watching movies with our Epson 3010 3D Projector - not sure though which of these screens would be best? CineWhite (Tension Matte White) has broad light dispersion through diffusion uniformity, black & white contrast and true color rendition making it the most versatile in Elite's tensions screen product lines. This tension PVC surface is the best choice for today's high-contrast ratio projectors in commercial or...
I have an Epson 3010 projector and found someone locally selling a 119" da-lite cinema contour/high contrast cinema vision screen for $329. From the da-lite website: High Contrast Cinema Vision Designed for today’s moderate output DLP and LCD projectors, this screen surface is a great choice when video images are the main source of information being projected and where ambient lighting is moderately controlled. With its specially designed gray base surface and a...
Just got the 3010 and put in Games of Thrones and Harry potter deathly hallows 2 and the blacks have purple in them and there is even shades of light purples around the edges of some of the faces if they are wearing black. I have no idea what is going on - looked great when the kids had cars 2 in 3d on but when popping these in it is something that can not be ignored. Is anyone else having this problem....I didn't want to spend the extra cash for the 5010 but if this...
Is it better to have 2.35 or 16.9?
In my LR i currently have BR LCR Bronze in the center and 2 B2's on either side. For my theater i wanted to add some 2 more speakers in the back and 2 hanging in the middle on either side of the wall....what line would you recommend br, bx, rs, rx? Are there any that wouldn't go well with BR line that i've had? Or should i just leave those in the LR and get a whole new line? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you! Also...i will be adding a SVS PB12-NSD sub
I'm planning on buying the 3010 but i heard there was a specific mount that had to be used on the ceiling for this? Is this correct - if anyone knows what it is please let me know. Thank you.
I am getting the Epson 3010 and need a screen to go with it (around 100-120 inches). Also have Monitor Audio speaker set up to go with it and will be getting the SVS PB12-NSD Sub. Some say Elite Screens, some say Carada, etc. I want it to be fixed frame as well and want to stay under $1,000 ...any help would be greatly appreciated.
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