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Excellent. Thanks for the input Ungermann. Yes the GH1 is hackable. And they've just notched it down to £400 free p&P. As you said this seems a great deal, so I think I will pick it up in the next hour or so. Thank you everyone for helping. It's massively appreciated.
Hmmm I am thinking of getting the GH1 now Bill, it seems to have taken my fancy. Thanks for that. -Ben
I saw it as rude because it assumed that I had the financial access to a camera phone whereas I don't. It has taken me a couple of months to save up this £400 for a camera. And I don't shoot with anything presently.Wow cheers Bill. That's definitely some food for thought. I have been looking into it and just a quick question, is the lens with the camera on the ebay site all that good? I've seen it's not the original one you usually get with the GH1 however is it good though?
Which link were you talking about xfws? If it was the SLR Hut one? That was just the cheapest I saw via the google shopping search. Was only using it as an example.
Well Bill, considering someone challenged you on your earlier post. I have yet to see you back it up. Especially about another user who demonstrates different camcorders all looking the same at 1080p60fps. And it's all well and nice you asking me questions on what I want and then suggesting cameras that people have already suggested after I said that I wanted something that has a focus ring when only one does. And I'm not really sold on that camera anyway.Of course I'm...
Well that seemed a bit rude considering I don't have a cameraphone.Thank you, it seems I've had many conflicting reports but I think you gave the most clear cut advice. So would getting something like this be ok? http://slrhut.co.uk/product/ID541C5/google?gclid=CIzbjuqIi7UCFW_KtAodMQ8A7g It comes with a kit lens but as a starter, is it ok? Can I go ahead and order it?
I did say short films. But in general use for video. But I am again low on funds. And panasonic x900 is out of my reach. Plus I would have to buy memory cards for it adding extra money into the equation. But I was looking at maybe getting the Canon 600D, it seems relatively good with a starter lens and stuff. Body goes for around £300 ish.Any reason why?
So what do you suggest I get then?Cost? Well as I said above £400 preferably. New or preowned.I have no idea if I'm paying more.And again, I don't really have an idea but I imagine similar.
Any reason why for the Panasonic V700? Also I wouldn't mind having a lens ring. It'd be nice to pull in and out of focus. That's why I was kind of thinking of going for a Canon 600D or something similar.
So I have about £400 to spend on a new or used video recording device. Maybe bumping it up in the near future to £500. But can anyone recommend something that I'd be able to shoot short films on just to chuck up on youtube? It just seems a lot of filmmakers nowdays are using DSLRs rather than camcorders. I do remember being told camcorders have more colour depth? As in they shoot 4:2:2:2 while DSLRS shoot 4:2:2:1? But I have no idea. So can anyone recommend anything?
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