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^^^ Just a head's up, I have a Logitech 700 and everything was there when I entered the model number in the Harmoney Software... if that's what you were asking.
One thing that is really annoying to me is that despite how I program my Harmony 700 remote, it ALWAYS reverts, or sends a signal back to my AVR switching the source to "TV". I have it programmed to turn on TV>AVR>DIRECTV. Everything comes on fine, after about 10 seconds the AVR switches to TV (as opposed to staying on HDMI 2). I assume it's the Samsung sending the signal to the AVR.
Thanks for your reviews Lee, definitely going to get this one. BB has it for $19.99.
^^^ You can save yourself some time and simply go to Samsung's site to get the dimensions. It's 41.2" wide. I have the 55" ES7500 and I am absolutely loving it. I can't believe the PQ. I agree with changing this thread to the "Official ES7500 Owners Thread".
^^^According to Samsung's site it is 41.2" wide.
Thanks JMG! Exactly the reply I was looking for. I have a new Sammy ES7500 and definitely do notice the difference between the HDX and HD on Vudu, but I was a bit hesitant to try ATV just due to the previews. Will give it a shot now.
I absolutely loved 300, but I couldn't get into this one. I didn't like it at all... well the 30 minutes that I watched before turning it off. Thank god I rented it (and I still feel jipped).
Quick question regarding movie rental PQ. How is the quality? When I watch the previews I am not impressed with what I am seeing compared to Vudu. Are the previews in a lesser quality? I really don't want to spend $6.00 to find out that the PQ is the same as the previews.
JMT, what are your router settings? Can you D/L updates? I know the way I have my router setup is that I have to manually input the MAC address under acceptions.
Exact same issue I'm having with my ES7500.
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