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It's probably the start of the yellow blob. Good luck and I hope you have extended warranty. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1448896/vt50-yellow-ish-blob-on-display
No this only happens when the content you are watching is very bright for a long time. It started to happen after 1000 hours on mine. What it looks like is two bright white lines about a half inch wide and ten inches long that are spaced about two inches apart in the top right corner. They show up 12-15 inches down and 10-12 inches over in the right corner. It only lasts for like 3-4 seconds and they are gone but are very bright and you only see them on the white...
Two times today on my 65vt60 same thing. I have 1960 hours. Good thing my warranty is good through 2017.
Well after reading this I figured I give my input. I have a 65vt60 that I have put a lot of time on the past four months when I got it. I had Chad B calibrate it at just under 300 hours and it had the pink boarder around the screen on a full white field. It was there before and after the calibration. Like my VT50 that I had last year,these VT60 go through roughly two major changes that I have noticed. First big change was at 700 hours +-. The second one started at 1500 and...
Good one!!!
Where did you find it? Your in for a real treat congrats!!!!!!!!
Do they reset the software to new for breakin when they replace a panel?
You say four months but how many hours do you have on it?
It's like Sake vs Tequila.................They both get the job done!!!!!!
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