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K, got another question...blobs and shadow. Is this something normal. Since running the slides, I kinda started noticing a elongated blob on the middle right side of the screen that seems to be a smudge lighter than everything else with a vertical shadow around it. Its almost like when you mess around with an LCD screen and you press on it, you get this light are where you're putting pressure on and slightly darker around it. I only noticed it now since I've been...
If you have friends who are in the military, have them check if they have them in stock on base. AAFES/BX/PX/NEX are selling 50ST30s for less than what you're willing to pay at $799.
Well, I went out and got a replacement. Ended up picking up a Panasonic 55ST30. So now I'm debating if I should even mess around with the JVC and open up the light engine to see this damn filter. I remember kinda flipping thru one of the pages in here where somebody talked about how they fixed it themselves. I might just attempt it...if I screw it up, its getting tossed anyway. But before that, anybody need parts off this set? Just in case I decide to toss it all...
Koo, thanks for the answer...I'll do the update when I'm done running D-Nice's 100 hr break in.
Both my military base exchange (Langley AFB) and Norfolk Navy Exchange has 50ST30s for 799. If you live close to a military base and you know somebody who's in the military, see if they can take you on base to see if they still have them in stock.
So I just checked my TV and I have MG1308xxxx for my serial number, with a build thread of Nov 2011. I connected it on line and its asking to download a firmware update...this shouldnt cause my TV to fritz now would it?
I'm on the same boat as you...I just started running the slides no more than 2 minutes ago. Anyways, I deleted all the files in my thumb drive but one picture kept showing up and one picture that says could not be read. So, I just formatted the thumb drive to delete EVERYTHING on it, then dragged the break in slide into it again. Plugged it back into the TV and the slides are the only one showing. Just make sure when you drag the slide in, that they are in the proper...
I've been on the hunt for 55ST30 for a bit now. Every Target I've been to in the Hampton Roads area is either sold out or they only have the floor model but they have their price set at $999.98. Took a picture of the sign a couple of days ago and went to the Navy Exchange out in Norfolk. Lucked out and they had 5 left but they were selling them for $1245. Showed them the picture of Target's price and they price matched it.
I'm On my way to pick up a set of 55st30 at the Norfolk NEX. They got them listed for 1250 but target is selling them for 999. Took a picture of the sign at target and they priced matched it. 3 yr warranty for another 50 so I got it for less than 1050 out the door with 4 yrs warranty. This replacing my dying jvc fn61.
Well, the dark spots getting bigger...so from what I've read on here, basically a burnt up filter that's delaminating inside the light engine. So now the question is...what are people's recommendation for a replacement? Been a while since I looked up the whole Plasma vs LCD TVs. I'm slowly reading around here...
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