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The built-in calibration wizard does a good job. I also used the WOW blue ray title to calibrate and PQ is much better after calibration.
I think the harmony remote database for this TV model doesn't cover HOME and MY APPS. Not sure if this is a issue with the TV or harmony.
I got mine yesterday from Fry's for the same price too and it was the last set in that store. But i wonder why they slashed the price so low for a 2012 model? I couldn't find any store even on the internet which is selling that model at that low prices. Even the LW5600 costs more.
I connected the optical audio out from the TV to my AV receiver and played mpeg2 files with dolby 5.1 tracks using the TV's video player. I confirmed that the receiver is getting dolby 5.1 from the TV.
Has any of the gadget websites posted calibrated settings for this model?
That is definitely CRAP! Fortunately i am using a wired connection so i didn't face that problem. Got mine yesterday.
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