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Did you listen to the different receivers in the same setting? Or was one receiver in your home and the other somewhere else?
Please list your crossovers for L/R and which ML model you have.
Would, for example, streaming airplay of 320 kbps be identical to plugging in via HDMI for the same song? Or USB? Assuming the airplay doesn't cut out, is it the same quality?
Is more than 2 channel flac not supported?
Would playing music off a USB drive plugged in via USB be the cleanest source? Has anyone compared it to other methods? What are your thoughts?
does the Sub's LFE setting come in to play with that as well?
What's a good crossover level you all use for the ESLs or other Electrostatic L/R?
If you were to buy an electric screen, is there a way to easily hang it on a freestanding frame or rack when necessary instead of mounting it to a wall? I'm looking for the best way to put up a screen in front of my TV only when I need it without having it permanently mounted on anything. In order to get a tab tensioned screen, other than a very costly floor rising electric screen, the only way I can think of doing this is by temporarily hanging an electric, tensioned...
You really got banned from returning TVs?
I've had my panel replaced twice now on my 65D8000 because of vertical banding and bad uniformity. They just replaced it again today and although the uniformity isn't as bad, the banding is still there. If I push them to replace my TV (which would replace for the ES8000) will I have no vertical banding problems? Is that an issue with this year's model as well. Am I likely to have other issues along with it? I can't decide what to do.
New Posts  All Forums: