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Well, it's Nov 17 and I don't know when it came back, but channel 6 is very strong now. Channel 57 is back now also. They must have finally fixed the transmitter tower common with all those channels.
Well, it's the 3rd of November, 2013 and channel 6 has been gone again the past few days. I know it's not me, I am still getting 8, 35 and 41.
Thanks for that link. I guess that's why I am still not getting channel 57(or 44).
Did they ever get PBS channel 57 going in Richmond? I try every once in awhile and it never has come back since the transmitter trouble they had. I usually punch in 44, which is what channel 57 is.
Channel 6 has been back up for over a week now, we are back in business it seems. 23 is coming in now too, and 35 seems to be ok, though it was having problems earlier in the week. I still can't get 57 yet, but that was a hard one to receive anyway. It's more difficult in warmer weather it seems. I now have a new project waiting in the wings to supplement my over-the-air system. I am going to revive my old C-band 8ft dish and get a FTA receiver. I am surprised how...
I just got another email from channel 6. Seems things are not going well, and it looks complicated with all the other stations being affected. Hopefully they will get it all straightened out eventually. I appreciated how they tell you exactly what happened, nuts and bolts literally are holding things up. Dear Sir/Madam, You are receiving this email because of a previous inquiry that you made to WTVR-CBS 6 regarding your loss of signal. There has been an update to...
Thanks for that link. I did email them and got a nice response from their Chief Engineer.In early March WRIC’s antenna suffered a failure. A tower crew from California as well as RF consultants has been brought in to address this situation. How does this impact WTVR’s signal? We, along with WRIC, WRLH and WCVE (Public Broadcasting) are on the same tower. The good news for us is on top of the tower there are two antennas. One antenna houses WRIC, WRLH and WCVW, the...
Has anyone had any problems getting channel 6 out of Richmond lately? It's been gone off my set for the past week or more. I think I will email them and see if they are having transmitter problems.
Did I hit the wrong button in the forum? I should have "posted a reply" instead of "start a new thread"? Sorry about that. Clean it up if you need to.
I lost channel 35 and channel 8 from Richmond sometime last week. You know when channels are lost you start wondering about a loose wire or something on your antenna system, but I emailed channel 35 and the engineer emailed my back today and said the big snow storm we had last week damaged the transmitter and they are running on low power. I live in Staunton so I can't get them now. I did not email channel 8, and I don't know what happened to them, but I am wondering if...
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