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Still waiting to hear from anyone that has had their 7600 professionally calibrated. I've used the WOW disc and many of the suggested settings on this thread. Have a pretty good picture, one I can live with for sure. I'm just curious if a professional calibration will make a difference and if it is one worth paying for.
I use the Logitech Harmony One. I can select diferent HDMI inputs directly, Turn On and Off, and I have access to the settings all without the Magic Remote. Only thing I wanted to do but haven't figured out yet is access to the My Apps/Q. Menu.
It does support IR commands. I use my Harmony One remote. It supports the On and Off commands. I can also get through the menu and setup options.
Why do you need tv on at all if listening to Pandora?
I wasn't trying to say this was your problem. Just thinking if some folders work and some others don't, check for any differences between them.
H1 will not control PS3 directly. PS3 uses Bluetooth interface. Logitech has a IR to Bluetooth adapter that works very well.
If I understand correctly, some folders work and some do not. To rule out a Windows problem on your computer, Right click on the folder icon and compare the folder properties on each folder and look for any differences particularly under the customize tab "What kind of folder do you want?"
Mine is nowhere near like that. Even with a black screen very little flash lighting is seen. No, they are not all the same! You should return that one!
Just guessing here, but are the folders in question categorized as a picture, video, or media folder?
No. I guess there isn't an IR equivalent command. I tried to get the Harmony to learn it but it must be an RF signal from the Magic Remote.
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