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I would like it if someone can answer this question. I have the same issue where Film Mode is greyed out no matter if if the source is playing at 24p.
When playing a MKV File I can't find the option to see if its encoding the correct audio to the TV. For example a MKV file with DTS or Dolby Digital Audio. Player only says langauge1 or if multiple audio encodes language2 ect. On my BD-C6900 I can pull up the audio information and it tells me if its DTS or Dolby Digital ect. How do I go about getting that information the BD-E6500?
Houston We Got A Problem! Just got my brand new PN51E8000 and I can't connect to Netflix. In fact when I go into smart hub, settings, details....Netflix does not have a esn assigned? Under esn it says "Not Support". I tried TV Reset, Smart Hub Reset and still the same result. Called Samsung Support and they are researching the issue. Anyone come across this?
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