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I have had this set for a little over a year now and for my taste have never had an issue with clouding or flash lighting or whatever terms that are used. I use a PS3 for the Bluray player and movies and games look great. I have done all updates that have been put out...and all seems to improve the tv just that much more. I have a 4gig thumb drive in the tv and pull .mp3 and workout videos and all play pretty instantly. It does take a few seconds to stream with DLNA...
can respond on the PQ and
Does the Evolution kit upgrade the PQ as well or is strictly for the smart portion? Everything I read about it points to upgrading the smart features.
It works great for me. Aside from having to switch inputs everytime while utilizing ARC, but other than that it fits perfect in my TV stand and works for my needs. I actually had purchased a Denon but it was too tall and got this instead.
im not a big gamer but I do play some on my PS3. Uncharted3 it 2D and 3D is great. Mass Effect3 is great, response time is quick and their is a dedicated game mode if you want to use it.
Under settings ?General?Logo Then you can pick when you want the logo on.
SS13 Not sure what bleed through is. I did have that slight flashlight effect (above the Illuminated Samsung logo) however it has darkened up and even more so when I turn off the logo. With that said you have to be happy.
Not feeling those settings. Colors are too muted for my taste and I actually like a light SOE on my Picture.
Just tried this out, see how it looks and report back.
There isn't any wifi or LAN connection on my NR1403, if someone else has that in this model then I got ripped. Actually I wouldn't care if it was Wired as I only utilize WiFi in the house.
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