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So clevland plasma has the best deals on the 65's right now? Looking to order one by tomorrow latest.
What's the best price everyone is seeing for the 65 inch? I got a killer deal on a GT50 when they first came out from a local electronics store, they are telling me they won't have then VT50's in untill July still. I'm going to purchase online this week, where is everyone getting the 65's from?
I'm still waiting for the VT....... My GT is great, but I really need a 65 for my TV room.
Any update?
The motion smoothing and noise reduction on my tv were off by default when I got it. For some reason I can't even select those options on the menu, they seem to be permanently set.
Thanks! I'll give that a try when I get home later! Any other settings I should change on the tv? I'm a noob at this, so I just pulled it out of the box and plugged it in. How long should I wait for calibration?
Just set my set up late tonight. I got the 50 in GT50. The set looks great, this tv is going in my family room, but it's set up on a stand in my tv room until I find a 65 inch. Black level looks great! The only thing I don't like so far is the way people look in motion. The tv does not seem to have very fluid movement, people move similar to a LED tv, and it looks un natural to me. Would a calibration help? I have a pioneer elite, I'm used to watching that tv, so that...
Just picked up a 50 inch GT50, I should have it up and running by tonight
For those that have the ST50's, can you post up some pics of the tv. I would like to see some real world pics of the bezel. Thanks
I'm interested, please send me a pm
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