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Thanks for all the info guys! The sites that allow pre order of the VT50 are giving estimated delivery?
Thank you! I will hold off untill Tuesday to purchase a tv!
I'm going to stop in today and take a look. I was planning on getting 2 led tv's for my other rooms, but the more I read this forum, the more I feel I should get plasma for all the rooms. I just cant deal with motion blur
Will there be a major price change on April 1st? I have been trying to decide between this and a VT50, but that could change my mind quickly.
I read through the tread quick, so I'm sorry of this was answered. When can we expect to see the VT50 going on sale? I'm trying to hold out for this tv, but if it's still a few months out I'll probably pick up a Samsung.
That's not a bad idea, if there was a problem returning to the store would be much easier. I will have to talk to them about price matching, but that only works if I go with the Panasonic, as the Samsung is price fixed (or so I'm told).
It seems that everyone likes the Panasonics, but the 2012 model line up is still a few months away from release. I'm moving in a few weeks and don't want to live 3-4 months with no television. The Samsung 2012 line up is out already, but they are price fixed for this year. Any online vendors you would suggest?
I'm in the process of moving into my first house and I need to buy a few tv's. First tv I'm going to buy is for my tv/family room. I have more than enough room for a 64+ inch tv. I'm pretty much set on getting plasma, my grandparents have a 60inch pioneer elite, and I would buy that tv if there were still being made today. I have had a few people tell me to just get LED, but I can still see motion blur, even on the new sharp elite models. The two plasma tv's that...
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