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I was just letting you know so you could maybe call their bluff on what their cost really is.
I picked up the 60PA6500 from Fry's less than a week ago for around $860 out the door with their 3-year replacement warranty plan. Not sure if it matters but if I recall correctly, they billed me around $680 for the TV and then another $120 or so for the warranty plan. I just asked them to match Best Buy's $799 price for the TV and that is what the sales guy came back with. So I said I'll take it.
Was really hoping to come across some of the deals I missed out on last year regarding the Epson 8350.
Thanks for the tips. I'll be stopping by the house this week to check the room out in person. It's just a budget build so nothing too fancy.
I had read about the % of what can be removed from the stud. Just wasn't sure if the recommended way of running the wires is together in fewer larger holes or apart in multiple smaller holes for more direct runs. And what is the best way to fasten groups of wiring to the ceiling joists and wall studs.
I have been asked by a good friend to help make his bonus room upstairs into a theater. This is new construction and they are still in the process of framing. The room is 22' x 14' with the back third of the ceiling being sloped with the roof. I know a bit about the electronics side of what needs to be done but the construction side of it is foreign to me. I know the codes on low voltage are fairly slack but what I'm not sure of is how strict they are on where you can...
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