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Dealer came by. After changing to static, still the same error. Lutron tech support even told us to change the iPhone's WiFi to a static address after that didn't work. So the techs at Lutron apparently think static IP is the preferred fix for this sort of error. We didn't get anywhere with Lutron tech support so now we think it's a defective unit unrelated to the static talk from Lutron techies.
N49 if yours is new construction then you'll be running a neutral wire to all switches per recent electrical best practices. Then all light/switch types/brands will work ok. The no-neutral concern mainly applies to old construction.
Since incandescent is becoming less common (and some bulbs even outlawed soon) it sounds like the Lutron RA2 wall switches essentially requires a neutral wire. I'm not surprised, since generally it's not good electrical practice to power a device between hot and ground, and home automation devices need a little bit of power. Although some newer Leviton occupancy switches are designed to work without a neutral with minimal current leakage to ground.
If I keep my RA2 main repeater.. then it sounds like I can get that hooked up to an Omni with a DB9 connector and assuming the Lutron dealer will program it for me (or if I can get access to the Lutron software). Then I can escape from being locked into the Lutron "don't trust the customer with programming" world because I would also have the HAI Omni... Could the Omni command "scenes" within the Lutron?
So if I understand correctly I could have an HAI Omni panel and open access to the advanced programming features.. plus the ability to add RA2 wall switches to that? Is there an extra component needed for the HAI to RA2 bridge?
My home has older wiring so there is no neutral in the wall switches. Do all of the home automation switches including HAI UPB require the neutral wires? There is a light motion sensor by Leviton, for example, that will work with only the hot and ground, no neutral. I guess because of this maybe I should stick with the Lutron RA2 after all. hmm
Based on learning from my own mistakes, I would personally go with HAI UPB and OmniPro II.
I asked this exact question to the Lutron tech support guy, and he said in his authoritative expert-sounding voice, "This error occurs because it HAS to be a static IP in the programming settings." If he is wrong, then I suppose it could be a communication error.
I have some concerns with the Lutron RA2 being installed in my home right now because of the proprietary lockdown of the setup software accessible to dealers only. So I'm wondering if something like the UPB by HAI can easily accomplish the same thing... one of the most important functions of my home automation will be the automatic raising and lowering of my new Hunter Silhouette shades (drop down at night for privacy, open in the morning). The original plan is to use...
I agree. There seems to be a business/design philosophy at Lutron that this sort of thing is OK, just like only dealers are allowed to add devices or program the system. Do I really want to add 20 more devices to my home only to be locked out of the system when I really want to tweak a minor advanced setting on a weekend? Lutron doesn't even let me change the IP address. This is why I am trying to decide if I should cancel this Lutron install job that I have in...
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