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Question for you guys. Sorry if its been asked before, but I dont have time to read 300 pages right now. Should I update my 55d8000, or leave it alone? The only thing that bothers me about this tv is the jitter jutter whatever you call it in certain scenes. Didnt know if any update helped that out any. I like the soap opera effect and cant use it without horrible jutter. I know thats a common issue with these. Basically Im wondering if I should update it or just leave it...
I went from a 52 to a 55 and It made a difference. Wish I went to a 60 though but couldnt find a 60 I wanted for the price I was willing to pay.
You need to go into ps3 settings and change sound output to "hdmi". settings>sound settings>audio output settings. Change from optical digital to hdmi.
Hey I have read where some of you guys use a gray screen to test/inspect the panel. Just curious but how do you do this?
Im on version 1026. Build date is feb 2012. And i turned off the eco sensor already. Whts kinda weird is I didnt notice the jitter until after the update now that I think about it. After reading through the lg7600 thread, think im just gona stick with the 8000 and hope a software update fixes. Think I was just spoiled with that mitsubishi! I probably shouldnt be on here complaining anyways lol. I had the warranty on the mitsu and recieved all of my money back and got the...
I think its going back. I cant seem to find much info on the lg 7600. Any links to a good review of them? I may look at one of them for a replacement. Woops. I see the owners thread now. Still cant find a full review though.
I know!!! Glad Im not the only one thinking that. Aside from the jittery picture, the clarity is a complete joke on this samsung when compared to the mitsubishi. Everyone that ever saw my mitsu could not believe the PQ including myself. The samsung looks dull and not as crystal clear like the mitsu was. Too bad the panel went out on it! I want my mitsubishi back!
Ya, I see that its grayed out now when on my ps3 input. I put the AMP setting to "clear" while viewing a blu ray and that seemed a little better but still there. I need to watch a little more to see the entire result. It did not seem to help much at all when viewing satellite. That doesnt make sense to me because on my mitsubishi lcd i didnt get this problem when the smooth flim motion was maxed out. This is with the same exact dish network satellite reciever. Its like...
Thanks plasma. Guess Ill give that another go around. So I assume I should use auto 1 with my satellite viewing (1080i) while watching film based material and auto 2 for sports? I notice the sports tickers do some funky jumping around in auto 1 occaisionally. Then use auto 2 for blu ray? I dont really understand that auto 1 and 2 setting and what it does exactly.
I posted a similar thread in the calibrations section. I dont understand this. My 3 year old mitsu lcd (lt52149) had a major wow factor picture and absolutely NO judder with any of the AMP or smooth film mode (whatever you wana call it) settings. This new samsung seems blurry to me and aside from that totally, no matter what I do with the AMP settings I cant seem to get over the jittery picture. (blur 5, judder 5, blur 10, judder 0, blur 0, judder 10 etc...) I use ps3 for...
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