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denon 1712 never had lip synch issues until now with a new braveheart blu ray sapphire series. the sound comes about around 1/4 of a second too soon. i assume i can fix this but if i adjust sinc to braveheart will it affect other blu rays i play? the others play fine
i have a very bad toothache tonight but its christmas eve so i refuse to bother my dentist.
im in los angeles. if your interested in trading for a bic f12 and some cash let me know.
setting up my new 3100 and need some help without reading the whole thread. 1. ive read people having trouble using netflix if hdmi deep color output is on. i am using a samsung tv. should i set hdmi deep color outpout to auto or off? 2. im just using tv speakers, set bd audio mixing setting to on or off? 3. bd rom 24p output off or on?
wow thanks for the tip. i just bought their last one and they gave me a price of $1249.99 for the 55 inchi currently have the st30 60 inch also and i hope this new st60 is a pretty good upgrade
im interested in the 55st60 but amazon no longer sells it. any other go to places to buy it? im looking for sale prices
today i watched Drive on blu ray and there was in intro with a mix of several short movie clips set to some pretty awesome epic style type music. i see these often before movies, hbo does them and several others. my question is i love watching these, what are they called? ive tried several ways to find some like i typed movie mix clips, movie clip collages etc but i cant seem to nail it. so what are these clips called?
Model is VU42L FHDTV10A When the power is off the orange LED is lit as normal. but when i turn the tv on the LED turns white and i can tell the backlight actually turns on (its very faint though). Anyhow I get no video and no audio with it on. Then to turn the tv off i have to unplug it. remote wont work or even manually from the tv wont work. also no other functions work ie. volume input etc. this is my bedroom tv and if theres any way to fix this on the cheap id...
i just saw drive blu ray from netflix and wow i want to own that one. why did i wait so long. where is the cheapest place i can get it?
for my computer,i want to use a lepai amp and some bs21 bookshelf speakers i own. my computer has only one headphone jack output. id like to be able to use the speakers and also be able to switch to headphones whenever i want to. i have some very old computer speakers that sound terrible, and id have to use the amp in the computer, but i can plug in my headphones into the speakers. i cant do that with the lepai amp and bs21 bookshelves. is there an adapter or switcher i...
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