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Really my intent on this post was not to compare LG and Panasonic but just to make the 950 owners aware of a lot of the features and options that this tv has that might be being taken for granted .. Things like the preset THX settings and 8 other preset picture modes , which may not be perfect but hit 8741 and adjust away .. The magic remote , having a quick menu and not having to access the main menu for everything , a smooth and consistent simplink feature, a swivel...
My mistake the ut50 sure was active 3d.. I had mixed it up with a Panasonic I sampled in the store before I got the ut50.. The ut50 uses active glasses that do not result in a significant dimming of the screen while in 3d , but compared to the pz950 I would prefer the slightly dim screen of the 950 rather than the slightly brighter and less crisp 3d picture of the ut50.
So here is my story ... During a move from one city to another , I totally deystroyed the inner screen of my 50pz950 by allowing it to fall flat on it's face on a carpeted surface .. The tv made the move fine but when I finally got it in the house, out of fatigue or stupidity , I placed the tv up against the back of my black leather sofa .Forgetting it was there, I tilted the sofa back to place a rug under it, and crash goes my tv ! I thought I got away without cracking...
Pz950, Hd programming, Nba playoffs , = entertainment bliss ! !
Has anyone noticed that when you go from 3D back to regular viewing that the ism mode will change from orbiter to normal ? - you have to change it back manually ?
I got my glasses from onecall.com .. I found them on amazon.. They were great and have excellent customer service .. I called to place my order to get a human confirmation that these were the .64 firmware... They will ship same day if you order early enough which is great ! Oh yeah - their regular shipping is free btw ...
It sure is quiet in here ..... crickets.... So does anyone here have any idea what the recent 04.03.02 update does ?
Remember this is LG's flagship plasma at a budgetprice - Not a budget plasma.. I previously owned a 240hz Samsung led that had major jarring and problems with playing my blu rays at 24p but when I exchanged it for this , the 24p playback has been breathtaking in my opinion.. I am constantly watching my Dark Knight blu ray and everytime I'm just touchingly blown away by the picture quality. It just boggles my mind how a tv for twice as much (led) can be so far behind this...
Hey - I am enjoying my new Pz950 and was hoping I could get some advice on the best universal remote for this tv .. I really want the remote that will be able to control the t.v. well rather than my devices ... A remote that will access the t.vs menus, control the 3d and things like that.. Hopefully someone who has more experience with the tv can help me out -
Whoa ! 550 for your 50pz950 with 2 sets of glasses ? Where did you get this deal at? ! Geez I got mine for 750 with no glasses at best buy and the cashier wanted to check with management to make sure the price was coming up correctly ! I love my new pz which I found by accident because they don't even stock this tv in store -Im still within 30 days on my tv and if I can save 200 bucks I will be in front of best buy with this tv tonite!
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