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Hey guys, I own a VT30 so can you refer me to that thread? --Thanks
The only problem is unless I want to buy 2 subs, my Quad Elite pre amp has no sub out so I must buy a external crossover. Could you reccomend any crossover for about $400.
Vandersteen 2ce's with matching surrounds and VCC-5 Center
I would like to know how the 2CE Sig compares to the 3A and to other competitors such as Magnepan and Sonus Faber. I used to own a pair of Vandersteen 1Cs and now I have Magnepan 1.7s. I was wondering how the 2CE compares to the 3A and the other brands i mentioned. (The 2CE and 3A are meant to mean the latest model listed on the Vandersteen website. Not the old ones.)
You see, I would love to go out bashing random companies, but I don't have the backing for my claims so I don't go out bashing them. Unless you would care to PM me or post the measurements that the amps in the Denon are bad, you probably should not complain about something you don't even know about. Also about Audussey 2EQ. How do you know it is the best version? Many people have said that it is bad, then you come along, saying it MIGHT be the best one ever. I thought you...
Go give the Sonus Faber Cremona M towers a try.
I have auditioned the Liuto Towers, Toy Towers, and Elipsa at my local SF dealer. I felt there was sonething missing to the sound of the Toy towers, like it didn't have the warmth and musicality of its bigger brothers. When I askedthe guy, he told me it was because of the small-ish and lower grade drivers. But then again, speakers are subjective and what sounds good to me may sound terrible to other people. Just in my opinion I feel it would be better to pay more for the...
Speakers are subjective. Sure, the internet can be helpful, but you must listen to them yourself to detwemibe if you like them or not.
7 Mcintosh MC601s. Or how about we try 7 Soulution Audio 700's (115k/pr)
The Focal would sound much, much better
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