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And a second followup - it seems that my reception of WBRA was primarily atmospherically-influenced. It's now completely unwatchable as of yesterday. I'm a meteorologist by trade, but don't understand the influences the atmosphere has on RF propagation. I don't know if the pre-amp version of the Leaf would improve reception enough to make it watchable; any ideas on what kind of improvement I could see?
Whoops, thought I had included that. I'm in Christiansburg, on the Radford/Riner side of town. No pre-amp.
Hey gang, It's been a while since I've posted, but I figured I'd share an update on my Mohu Leaf adventure. I'd made peace with not picking up WBRA, though I occasionally get grief from the Downton Abbey fan in the house... About two days ago, I randomly lost WDBJ - the TV kept responding with "no signal." Rescanning brought it back, along with a couple surprises: 1) I can now receive WBRA, although it's at the lower end; there's some pxellation, but nothing that...
Finally have a chance to get back to this thread. The Leaf works well. Haven't wall-mounted it yet, but it works quite well sitting horizontally in the middle of the living room next to the TV. I get some light degradation occasionally on WSLS and WFXR, but nothing that makes either channel unwatchable. WDBJ and WPXR both come in beautifully. If I orient the antenna vertically, the signal issues seem to disappear. However, no joy with either WBRA or WSET.
After looking over the TVfool output again, you're probably right. The only thing I probably want to think about an amp for would be WSET. Just ordered an unamplified Leaf; I'll report back once I get it set up.
Thanks, Trip and Peggy. I've got a Pinnacle PCTV USB stick upstairs in my west-facing office with a single-dipole antenna that does ok with some of the channels; WDBJ and WSLS are spotty but I can grab them if I tweak the antenna just right. It's been a while since I've used it so I don't remember how it does with WBRA, and I can't find the antenna specs online to compare. Leaning towards either the Terk HTDVa or the amplified version of the Mohu Leaf, but I've heard...
Short-time reader, first-time poster here. Have been doing some homework before my fiancee and I pull the plug on DISH Network, and I'm quickly learning that the Roanoke-Lynchburg DMA is...special. We're in the southwest portion of Christiansburg, up on a hill near the US-11/VA-8 intersection. Our townhouse is a rental, and we're really limited to whatever antenna I can set up in our living room. It sounds like trying to pick up WSET/W05AA and WBRA might be an...
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