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Yeah, that's my only problem, I do get caught up in hype way too fast. That's how I ended up with a Samsung LCD/LED first. Big mistake. I will make certain to check out the differences to see if they make sense. The blacks on my GT50 are fantastic but I was understood that the blacks on the ZT60 are as "Kuro-like" as you can get.
Well the good thing is Paypal will hold the transfer of the funds to the seller (provided it's over $1000) until the buyer provides positive feedback. So if you don't receive the TV Paypal will return your money.
I'm seriously thinking of selling my 55 GT50 to get the ZT60. Looks to be quite a worthy upgrade. Kinda feeling like I should've gotten the top of the line in the first place. I'm a big Blu-Ray watcher. I could benefit from the PQ upgrade.
Did I say NOW? No. The title of the thread says they will no longer be developing panels. It's only a matter of time. They are putting forth much efforts on their LCD lines. Are you denying that?
I'm glad this finally came out. I seriously got slammed in here for quoting a major member here that said this Panasonic was giving up the Plasma business. People telling me that I misunderstood and didn't know what I was talking about. Panasonic will be greatly missed in the Plasma world. I do love my GT50. I plan on keeping for a very long time. I won't be able to afford an OLED anytime soon and I refuse to put forth a penny towards an LCD set.
My DirecTV DVR has options to switch to the desired aspect ratio. For example, it can display "1080p + Stretch" or "1080p+Original". I have a GT50 and it works perfectly. Check if you have that option on whatever box you are using.
720p sets to the retail sector are very much like the cheapo Windows laptop in the retail sector. They are easy commodities to sell because of price. Price will always be an issue for most people. I'm not saying this about you per say but the problem with this forum is it's filled with videophiles and it seems as though many people here are either rich, pretentious or both and they tend to give off the impression that unless you're buying a TV of "their" caliber then...
That sounds great! Sorry if it's been brought up already because I haven't heard anyone ask or mention it, but is there any issues with IR on the ST60 or any of the 2013 panny's?
There are many ST50 owners (if not more) posting in the GT50 and VT50 threads.
Instead, you just join the crowd here who buys overpriced TV's.
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