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morc258: Yes I can see channels with decimals.
morc258: Yes I can get channels with decimal manually when I am in "L2 front" 1.2,1.3., 2, 2.2, 3.1, 4.1 etc
Once again thank you all for your help. Wajo: I did an Auto Channel Preset > Cable (Analog/Digital) in the Mag. morch528: I will trying doing the channel up & down and tune channels when I get back home and let you guys now.
Thanks morc258. I'll keep trying. I don’t want people to think that I am trying to “pull a leg” or wasting their time, simply I do not understand some of the terminology and I am doing everything I was told to do.
My connection is as follows. Wall cable to splitter, coax to cable box model RNG 110 (Comcast), Coax to MDR Antenna in, Audio out from cable box to Audio in to MDR513H via 3 cables: red, white, yellow. HDMI from cable box to TV and from MDR to TV. I am NOT PULLING nobody’s leg as I told you at the beginning I am not a tech savvy. I am not as lucky as gastrof. Now I guess the only thing left for me to do is to sell the MDR on e-Bay and go back and paying Comcast a DVR...
Thanks wajo how can I see that list on my 513?
Thanks Wajo. I am not seeing any 400's channels. I did all the procedures even trying to add them manually with no success with the 400's and the 600's channels. BTW I am with Comcast expanded and muti-latino Spanish channels (for my wife) in the Miami area if that would help…..
I did the connection as explained by gastrof also did multiple scans with the same results I only get up to ch 135 (DTV). Cannot access the 400's channels. Thank you all for your help.
Thanks gastrof and wajo I will try your advise gastrof and let u know. Once again TYVM to all of you :-)
Thank you all for your advice. I should read this forum before buying it. I guess I will stick with it as a DVD player and record shows while they are playing and watch TV on another TV... I am not that tech savvy and do not how to access the rest of the channels the procedure is kind of complicated. When I called Magnavox they told me to try a splitter from the cable that comes from the wall. Does anybody think this will work???
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