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Thanks RD! Maybe they changed their schedule. Their guide shows two of my favorite shows are gone from 6pm-8pm.
OK, so I didn't hang out long enough to watch a commercial break, but is Antenna TV gone from 3.3? Flipped by a couple of times. My shows weren't there. Looks like movies.
jdallaire, Not a problem. As you know digital reception is a Pain in the A--. I have a UHF only antenna aimed at Mt. Potosi for CH18 out of Pahrump. I thought I had it peaked up. I then tried tvfool.com . I got under my mast with a compass and aimed it per their given heading. My signal went up quite a bit. Could be worth a shot with your attic antenna if you like to tinker. In case you don't know, their are two mountain sites for Las Vegas. CH8 and CH3 are on opposing...
CH3's digital is on actual CH2. It is a difficult channel to receive as it is very susceptible to interference. I have heard from more than one person that they can get all channels except for CH3. CH8.3 anyway I see breakup on occasion. Don't know if that is source, local transmission, or my roof top antenna. Last I knew Direct TV pulled locals from antennas and piped them up to their uplink facilities in Wyoming.
Thanks for the info. Got tired of re-scanning. Guess I should have kept it up. COX mapped it down to where it should be, bundled with 8.1-8.2. Got my remote control back! I like "Movies"
COX isn't carrying 8.3 on their analog cable. I think it is 129 if you have digital. The only way I can watch it is to flip tuners and then switch to the rooftop antenna.
Good deal!
Hey Trip. Did you get my PM?
Thanks Trip, So my next question is why are they wasting almost 2mbps on null packets. Even though they allocate bits per stream, does that vary somewhat, does the null packet rate drift around a lot.
That all adds up close enough to 19.39. Maybe they dumped Mobile. I don't know much about null packets and, or what they do. Is that timing or error correction?
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