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I watched the OP video from the #1 post and it crashed my computer . I realize now that if your going to work with 4k you definitely need to update your computer and monitor . Looks like it will be a long time before I do that so i'll just have to enjoy watching the videos in 1080p for now . I did watch it in 1080p tho and that is an amazing camera video in post #1 !
Looks best with 1080p settings .
We had a local Christmas parade Saturday night . Used the HF M50 in night scene mode , IS on , and sound set for traffic and crowds . I thought it turned out much better than suspected . It's 21 minutes long if you care to watch it . Hope you enjoy it .
You know your really coming across real strong . You might calm down some and maybe you will get more replies . This forum is not known for a lot of quick replies . They work a lot off attitude . Since you seem to have done a lot of phone calling and searching and asking questions you project yourself to already know everything so therefore no one will reply cause they might see it as useless . Just remember this , camcorders that have Wi-Fi , you cannot remove it from the...
What are you going to use the camera for ? If your interested in doing professional work then don't look at any of the camcorders under $1000.00 . If your just wanting to record family events and outings then don't be too picky . My HF M50 does all I require from a camcorder . I don't give a hoot if it's 60i or 60p . Rarely do you see any difference with camcorders under $700.00 . The quality of your movie will depend on how you edit the movie . There are some pros here...
Thanks Bill .
I took this Sunday after a Ice Storm we been having . I hand helt this but I forgot to turn on the IS on my Canon HF M50 . Also I uploaded this to youtube and I think youtube degrades videos slightly unless your a paying member . But it finally comes into proper focus during the first section . Anyway just wanted to share this .
Is this a copy-cat of Canons EOS-M ??
I've never owned a V720 but I do own a HF M50 right now . Do you have any videos you have taken posted anywhere that can be viewed to see what low-light problem your having ? Here is a video I did for testing back when I got my camcorder . Check it out and see what you think . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqv8nP06uSw
My HP computer has a DVD-RW drive and it writes either type DVD or CD . I never burn directly from camera to DVD cause there is always sections I want to remove or edit someway and I use PSE Premiere 10 and it takes care of BR DVD format .
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