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ok this one issue is starting to really bug me and I'm not sure where to start. Ever since I bought my AVR 591, sometimes I would get a very loud crack on certain stations when watching tv or the volume would cut for a split second and then restore its self. I have tried different cable boxes over the years (Rogers using the Next box 2.0 and now 3.0) It only ever does this watching tv, when playing the PS3 or watching blu rays via the PS3 or have my phone connected to an...
So my fiancee and I are getting ready to start summer reno's in our basement for my "mancave" and i've decided I want to use a projector and get a screen that is capable of 100". I have no clue what I'm looking for though. I've seen and read about the Benq W1070 projector, which it seems a lot of people are raving about. My question is, my current old and seemingly small 40" Samsung lcd. But the tv has 120hz auto motion feature that kinda surprisingly, both my fiancee and...
Here in Canada, the 3D bundle has a multi case. When you open the case, I had the DVD version on the left, and the 3D version on the right but along with the 3D version on the right is the Bluray version as well.
Like I said in a previous post to you, if you go into your PS3, go to the settings, select the sound setup or whatever it's called, and run the setup, it will detect you are using a TV and only give you options for 2 channel sound. Select that, and then go into your movie or game, and it should output in 2.0 sound and audio isn't clipped or impossible to hear because it's being mixed to 2 channels instead of 5.1 sound.
Well I ran out last night and bought this, and then ran out of time to watch it for the first time. I plan to watch it this coming weekend, and reading so many positive things about the 3D, it's making me want a new 3D tv (as I bought the 3D bundle) May have to wait until I get to my inlaws in 3 weeks to watch it in 3D, but I know this won't disappoint.
Have you gone through the sound setup on the PS3? It's a basic thing that I have forgotten to do in the past. When I have taken my PS3 to my inlaws or my parents place, I have forgotten to do this and I have had the same issues.Good luck
For an HTPC setup, you are best to use either XMBC or VLC. The easiest way is to download something like the Shark007 codec pack. Which can be found here http://shark007.net/
With Toslink as well, you don' get HD audio such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio, so if audio is a concern for you, just use the HDMI connection to your AVR so you get HD sound and visual.
that's exactly it, It's not structured like a regular Bluray where makemkv rips 1 mkv file, it rips every single scene into it's own MKV which sucks. I have no issue making my own MKV's now, I've ripped about 10 blurays in the past few weeks and have them on my stream server for XBMC, but i'm still having issues playing ISO/Bluray movies directly from XBMC.
Yup it should work, just need to use the adapter and away he/she goes I was watching blu rays and playing video games on my PS3 on my old CRT tube tv for about 9 months until I bought an HDTV
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