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Anyone know the differences between the two? Cant find a lot of info on the 440. I
Thanks everyone. Hooked up the Component last night. Works like a charm..
Thanks guys. I will do the component option. Thing is I called crutchfield last week and guy told me that my receiver doesn't do multi function so i can't watch tv and listen to music at same time. Maybe trying to get me to buy a new receiver? Pretty shady if that's the case. You woukd think Crutchfield would know this about using components..
I currently have a Denon AVR-1612 which i really like. But one thing i did not take into account is i love listening to my music while watching baseball, This Unit does not have multi funtion to be able to do this. Here are a couple Receivers that are around $230 shipped on Amazon and all seem to have this function, Plus internet radio and a zone 2 which i would love to hook up 2 outdoor speakers with. Onkyo TX-NR515 and 616. The 515 seemed to have better reviews on...
Is that the best way? I'm only using it for playing Vinyl..
I just want to run my 2 floor speakers and a sub. It will only play the sub in Dolby the way i have it and the sound is not optimal.. This is for music only! No surround is wanted..
Well i got a pair on Pioneer FS51's for $100. Heard in store and like them i just need to add a sub. I sent Matteos a private message asking what speakers he would go for and sent him some craigslist links. Well he took it upon himself to go look through craigslist and found me this pair. I never saw them and had been looking for several days at speakers. So a big thumbs up matteos i really appreciate you taking time out of your day to answer my many questions and...
Thanks Mr. Tao. I passed on them. How about infinity RS 2 there is a pair for $30 on craigslist
How are infinity RS2's? There's a pair on craigslist for $30.
I will be adding a sub either a Dayton sub-1000 or if I can wait and save up will get the Bic America F12
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