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Thanks, JD. Do you recommend I also do the same as redtilldead posted (Polk monitor 30's as my fronts for now, with CSII center and PSW-505)?
Noob question... I have the Denon 1612, but have no idea which audio modes to use on it. I know what Mono and Stereo are, but beyond that it all seems the same to me. Our main complaint so far is that when watching TV (DirecTV with Dolby Digital turned on) for a lot of shows have quieter dialogue and louder music/background noise. What do you guys and gals recommend I use for the audio mode? Should I turn off Dolby Digital? A particular audio mode I should use? Oh, and...
Glad it helped! I will say one thing, lately the audio has been cutting out when we watch episodes of Suits via Plex. It only seems to be for that show though, and I don't remember if I ripped the files using different settings or not. It usually only cuts out for 1-2 seconds maybe 3 times during a 40 minute episode, but it's mildly annoying.Other than that small hiccup, it's still great!
For some reason, they currently have the left front wire popping out of the wall in the corner, while the right front wiring comes out about 2' to the right of the TV and 3' short of the corner. If both speakers were to be placed in the corner it's much more symmetrical (not to mention looks better).A good friend is a carpenter and said he'd be able to patch and texture the wall in a day, and we were planning on repainting anyway, so I'm planning on 'extending' the wiring...
I suppose you're right. We're changing the front speaker positions from where the current owners have them, and I was hoping to just re-use the wires I have now. It's probably worth it to do it the 'right' way just to avoid future headaches.For the record, I don't really buy that speaker wire can be that big of a fire-spreader, but oh we'll.
Just wondering, how important is it that I use only in-wall speaker wire to rewire the house we'll be moving in to? It's only in one room, and the lengths are about 60' to the rears, 25' to the fronts and 8' to the center. Is 'in-wall' speaker wire just a marketing gimmick to charge more for the same thing? I've never felt any speaker wire ever even get remotely warm, so I can't believe that the risk of fire with regular wire can be much, if any. TIA
I'd like to have them angled a little bit downward as well, so I don't think a shelf would work very well, plus as I said I'd like to see as little of the mounting hardware as possible.
Thanks, Robert. The AM-40s were actually the ones I originally planned on using, but I think I prefer having less mounting hardware visible.If the OmniMount 20s will work, I think those are the ones I go with. Shouldn't be a problem finding studs in the corner to screw in to.
I just got a pair of Polk Monitor 30s with the idea that I would mount them on a flat wall. Well, I checked the wiring in the wall and currently it's coming out up in the corners of the room, so I'll be mounting them there (I know it's not ideal for SQ, but oh well. It'll look better, I suppose). They have keyhole mounts at the top and weight is about 9 lbs. Anyway, I'm looking for recommendations on how to mount them in the corner (facing out at a 45 degree angle). Since...
Thanks, what I needed to know. Now, to figure out how to mount the M30's horizontally on a 7" strip of wall...
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