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it's a ground problem with the TV. it seems that a lot of Samsung flat TV's have this problem. the TV is only a 2 prong plug. so I guess this is what they call a floating ground. I also checked the cable found it want grounded to the house. I fixed that and the noise got a bit quieter. still very loud. the funny thing this is why I bought this amp. I thought my Marantz sr5200 was dying. now I know its the TV. I read some one had made a ground by wrapping an 18 awg wire...
I tried using it on different in puts it only does it on the TV. but it is a cheap cable. is there a brand or style cable that is preferred.
So I got a new AVR today. its a Yamaha RX-A830 Aventage I got every thing hooked up as soon as I power on the TV and my external amps I get a nasty feed back. if I unplug the HDMI cable from the TV it goes away. is this a sign of a bad cable?
that Yamaha is a nice unit. considering this unit a lot
so i have 600 to spend on the pre amp. I like the Marantz sr5008. its a bit out of my price range what are my other options must haves are HDMI (3d don't matter) 7.2 surround usb input would likes Bluetooth, wifi or lane cable don't matter I like putting hole in my house so what is out there
I no expert but if your making say a 1000 watt and the voltage is somewhere around 70 volts I don't see how a 2.3 volt back feed would over come the 70. I tried the experiment using my fluke 123 I graphed the voltage. the most I ever saw around 2.3 volts. I could see this being an issue if the subs where loaded in the same air space.but like I said I am no expert.if this was a huge issue then why do speaker manufactures produce preload enclosures with 2 ohm woofers in...
450 FOR A PAIR!!!!!! hahah that one hell of a deal another reason for the bridge 6 ohm pair is so you get the same power to each woofer. if one is getting a bet less power there would be some phase canceling there.
this sounds like an awesome project! from a power stand point (I have owned a 12w7) they really like 750 watts rms. i'm the kind of guy that likes head room in a sub system. that being said this is what I would do. find an amp that can do 2400 watts rms. then make the pair 6 ohms and bridge the amp. because the amp is at 6 ohm the THD will be way less than it would be stereo. there would also be less heat generated this way. if your not set on a plate amp The QSC RMX2450...
ok I made the fan plate. this router table I got is awesome. no more jig saw non round holes for me!!! the fans are 120mm I could not find any thing that I could screw down to cut the holes for the fans. so I took one apart and used it as a template.
yeah I had plans on doing that. this was a trial fit up. to make sure every thing fit the way I want it to. lord knows I don't want to a hear crash and bang just to find a pile of carnage in the closet.
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