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http://usa.denon.com/us/Product/Pages/ProductDetail.aspx?pcatid=AVSolutions(DenonNA)&CatId=AVReceivers(DenonNA)&PId=AVR1612(DenonNA) Go to Page 5 of the manual. Check the HDMI Control function. Then go to page 42. Make sure your settings are similar. Then go to the Simplink Menu and switch it on. Then switch off the TV and the receiver both. And it should work. Also make sure your cables are HDMI 1.4a protocol valid. These cables support ARC function.
Thankyou All It started working. The simplink was actually the missing link and LG's owners manual is a joke. It does not give any detailed instructions for all the advanced features. Once again thankyou all
Hi jdsmoothie. Thankyou for the reply. I do not know if the simplink you are referring to is the ARC Switch in the TV. It has only on and off and I have turned it on. If there is anything other than that, I havent tried it. Also, I have seen the Simplink tab in the dashboard of the TV but did not access it yet. I will try that as you suggested and get back. Also, I want to know. I read the 1612 owners manual thoroughly and it says that once the HDMI control...
HI Everyone I recently purchased Denon AVR 1612 and LG tv model number 47LM6700. Its HDMI 1 has ARC . I connected HDMI1 of the TV to the monitor out of my receiver. In the receiver menu I put the following menu System Setup---> HDMI setup----> Auto lip sync: ON HDMI Audio out: AMP HDMI onctrol : ON Standby Source: Last P. Off Control: All I am not getting any audio from my speakers after selecting external speakers form the TV menu. Please...
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