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I don't know if that was sarcasm or if you really don't know......
I don't have this TV....but my LG has separate settings for each input. Are you watching Dish, when you make changes to your settings? If you cannot tell if it's working, it's not. You should see a substantial difference between 60 and 120.
Plex works moderately well for me. The server has issues for me. I have mostly been putting my media onto a portable drive(networked) that is plugged into my e4200 router. That way, I can always access it, whether Plex is acting up, or the computer is sleeping/off.
I just saw on the LG support site....there is an updated version of Smartshare for Medialink and DLNA. http://www.lg.com/us/support-product/lg-55LM7600 I have not done anything with it yet.
I am on 5.01.24 and the lights are the same as with the previous update. (logo off when the TV is on)
You obviously missed my point about the "nite light".My TV is wall mounted on a arm that extends 12-18" from a black wall and the room is completely dark...(blackout dark). The logo light on when the TV is off is very useful to ME.The whole point is...these are easy features that were included and are useful to different people in different ways. When a feature is taken away, someone is going to be upset.Take your nightlight for $2 comment and stick in the dark......
This is not accurate....unless everyone is still getting different results.Obviously, people will want different things and I still think LG should give us firmware which allows us to set things they way we prefer....The newest firmware allows me to do exactly what I want with my logo light.It is now off when the TV is on.(I do not want a beacon or advertising while I watch TV)The logo is lit up when I turn the TV off. It is a great nite light, and since my man cave is...
Signed it. I want my options back.However, I also want LG to continue to develop/improve the firmware to add and improve options and functionality. I do not want to trade one thing for another.
The website only shows what has been pushed to the general public.
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