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I will also have a tv on the wall so it will be mostly for watching movies, the odd big sports game and some weekly tv watching, I am only going to be about 12 ft throw so I already know I will need a short throw lens for the runco's screen will be 100"....the projector will be in the basement, with only two windows, and maybe watching some stuff with ambient light on when the kids are downstairs....thanks for all you help....
considering a ls-hb or a ls-5, just wondering what you thoughts of the picture if anyone has seen it in action...thanks
thanks for your reply but I don't see those models on jvc's website
and forgot to mention the runco is under 7000...and yes mostly used for best picture watching movies and some sports on it...thanks
hello, Just got back from my local runco dealer and there is a really good sale on the LS-7 right now probably because they are trying to get rid of the 720p projectors and replace them with the new ones, but my question was I am new to this but from what I have heard from the sales men that the LS-7 will still have a better picture than lets say another projector I was thinking about the epson 5010 in 1080p or any other projector around the 3500 dollar range because its a...
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