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Randy, how is that TV in moderately bright rooms? How are the larger S60s? Is there a decrease in PQ on this model at larger sizes?
You mean--they're not in Maine???
Aren't you a calibrator yourself airgas? Or at least possess the requisite tools and skills? I seem to recall somebody on some thread giving you the deference that normally only calibrators get on this site
Have you been smoking some of that fabled Maui wowee?? Heheh email me some
Here comes a really dumb question. What is 3:2 pulldown? I think it has to do with frame rate conversions but from what to what? I'm trying to figure out what fraction factors down to 3:2? Not 96 to 60...that's more like 8:5 nothing like 3:2...where does 3:2 come from? 24:16 would work out to 3:2 but where where would the 16 come from? I feel so close to yet so far from understanding this...
@pieandchips i have a never-yet-used STB (Hi-Def) that I got from Roadrunner (Time Warner). I own no other equipment as yet. I've never even seen a Blu-Ray! The box is a Scientific American Explorer 8300 HD. So I would be watching through that. Unless I dump Time Warner. Are you from Great Britain? What kind of pie? Some kind of meat pie I gather? I do intend to get a Blu Ray and most likely an AVR especially if I go beyond the soundbar idea. Someone said I needed a...
Further info on my viewing. I watch practically no sports. I am not a gamer. Not since Tetris and Pac Man And I sucked at those. If I watch TV it would be Mad Men and House of Cards (I loved the original with Ian Richardson! but I hear Kevin Spacey ain't half bad), C-SPAN (does that still exist?) public television and maybe some of the shows I've missed over the past few years (but not "extreme" shows and "reality TV"). I suppose I will have to watch Game of Thrones to...
I am in a quandry. I have had no TV for over a year, and that was a CRT. Thus I began my search in April of 2012, so I've seen panels over two model years. I am leaning toward the F8500. I really can't afford the larger sizes of F8500, only the 51". Should I wait for the prices to drop on a larger size, buy the 51", or buy a 60" ST60 instead? I have a bright room with floor to ceiling glass doors on all of one wall and 1/3 of another (wraparound balcony), the larger of...
Yes, and the screen was real small and barrel-shaped. And there were only two channels.
Yes, very intelligent. However, I am buttering her up because I want access to her Blu-Ray and DVD collection when I travel to her country. Probably after she gets her F8500
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