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Listening to a Christmas radio station from ireland. My wife and two yar old are putting up the Christmas tree. What a joy. Thank you guys. Have a a wonderful christmas season.
Well after changing channels a million times on the router i finally got it working. Let's see how long it lasts. Thanks
Well i officialy have tried evrything. Did a Network reset which as you know also resets the microprocessor and nothing. Connection down, server down, file format error, those are the messages i get when i try to use the internet radio; it won't let me update any firmware (not that ther are any i need), it says "connection failed". So do i have a busted network card?, anything else i can do?. Thanks,.
Server Error is the latest message-
Well i tried plugging the AVR directly to the Wifi router and nothing. What's next network reset? is my network card busted?
I can i guess. i'll try that to see what happens.
Well i reseted the router and i can see the Wifi dongle on my PC screen, it's transmitting signal but everytime i try to put any internet radio statio it gives me the message "Server error" or "connection down". And i can't update firmware either, it says after a awhile "Connection failed". it's very strange because i can use airplay with no problem, signal as strong as ever. Could it be that my network card on my 1912 is damaged?, but Airplay works just fine.
I will. The internet radio is giving me now the message "Connection down" but Airplay works fine. And so does every other device.
Hi all, i have a 1912 and the Internet radio was working fine up until a couple of days ago. I have the AVr connected with the Netgear wifi dongle. I have tried connceting the dongle to the computer and reseting it, changing channels, putting the Wifi router colser to the dongle (i get all lights Green on the dongle) and still it gives the the "File format error" everytime i try to put on a station. Strange thing is that airplay works fine and all my other devices work...
I think she meant pilates machine. You better buy her that machine, you know the old saying "Happy wife, happy life".
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