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Can't they just release 4K movies on USB thumb drives? I'td be cheap and easy to make 4K TVs and AVRs that source content from USB drives. Fabrication costs for USB drives keeps dropping all the time, and using them to distribute 4K movies can help those prices drop even more!
Wow, the Sierra-1s blew me away. I started with Miles Davis, and it was awesome. I liked listening to the trumpet blaring while the piano was mellow and smooth in the back. Also like Brocken said about listening to John Coltrane, the cymbals do sound crisp and shimmery with the Sierra-1s. I then put in Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and my ears were crying with joy. I've been listening to this album since I was a kid, and I finally got to hear some detail I'd...
Yup! I'll be using the the four DefTech satellites for the surround and rear channels of a 7.1 setup. I've already replaced the center channel speaker with a B&W HTM61, but I somewhat regret this purchase. The speaker has lots of detail and good bass, but to me it doesn't sound very neutral. I was originally thinking of upgrading the DefTechs with a B&W setup (mostly because they look nice), and got the HTM61 to start things off. But now that I've done more of my hw, I...
I like riding in Rockville near Fairfield, you get to ride the single tracks there. Sad to say I haven't had a chance to ride this year. Last time I rode was at Sierra Azul near Los Gatos, and it kicked my posterior I'll have to tune up my bike to try it again. Where do you ride?
I received an email last night that my Sierra 1s are on their way! I had ordered them on Monday, and they'll be here tomorrow (Friday). I'm replacing two small satellite speakers (DefTech ProCinema 600). The DefTechs sound good with movies... the satellites are crisp and the sub sounds good for LFE. But when it comes to music, they don't deliver. So I've been testing various speakers, and tried to find something that is good at both (70/30 movies/music). Mainly I'm...
Congrats Brocken! How do you like your new setup? I've just ordered a pair of Sierra-1s myself, and am waiting anxiously for them. How long is the build/test/delivery time?
Wow, awesome! Thanks again William!!! Knowing this makes it all so much more clear to me. I'm a new member and am just starting out with building my HT system, and have lots to learn and consider. I think it's great how the people here on AVSForum are willing to help each other out with advice.
Thanks for the facts! I can do without those extra 3 dBs for now
Just wondering, are there any other drawbacks to having a lower-powered amp than just a lower volume?
Thanks for the feedback William. I'm using the DefTek ProSub 600 as the powered sub to watch movies, but was concerned that my receiver wouldn't have enough power for the B&W "bass drivers" when listening to stereo content (I realize the B&Ws don't have built-in subwoofers). Your comment about Wattage not being linear makes sense... I read somewhere on AVSForum that to get an extra 10db, you need twice the amount of power. Not sure if those figures are exact, but it...
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