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I've had excellent results using the software JScreenFix to eliminate IR on my 50ST60. It is a television logo as well in the top right hand corner of the screen. I have run JScreenFix for maybe 24 hours non-continuously and I'd estimate that there appears to be a 50-60% reduction in the IR i am seeing during normal viewing. I will continue running this app during the night until i no longer notice the IR. To run the app i've connected my laptop to my ST60 via HDMI and...
Haha thanks anyway
Makes sense.Man these plasmas are incredible. Uncalibrated and while viewing regular television programming during the day of course they look inferior to LED/LCD's and that's why 80% of consumers and up opt for an LED/LCD. But when calibrated and/or with custom settings plugged-in and some sort of panel preparation run beforehand they look fantastic particularly at night time. I haven't watch many Blu-ray movies on my ST60 but recently just watching Tangled totally blew...
What are people's opinions on these settings when running games on a console e.g. Xbox 360? Intelligent Frame Creation, Game Mode? Also on the intelligent frame creation setting in general? When would it be best to turn this to max? MPEG Noise reduction and noise reduction i have found that it's best to leave these OFF at all times.
Not impatience i'm just freaking out that it's burn-in. But upon running JScreenFix again it is continuing to fade which is great.Now during normal viewing it isn't noticeable unless I'm sitting quite close to the screen Thanks for the reassurance.
I had run Tangled on Blu-ray without much success. The Pixel Jogger also didn't do much of anything. The amazon screen cleaner also seemed to fail. The only thing which has worked is the JScreenFix.But if this is Burn-In I'm seriously going to claim this under warranty and get a new panel because this is unacceptable i didn't even watch this particular channel for any lengthy period of time.How can one decipher if they have Burn-In or Image Retention?
Yes i have both. The JScreenFix has worked the best so far so i will continue using that on my ST60.
I should have been more specific, something that is free and/or software based?I don't want to purchase the Disney WOW disc just for the pixel flipper. I already own Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark 2nd edition and DVE: HD Basics.
Can people comment on what they've had the best success with for removing IR ? I have a channel logo persistent on the top right corner of my 50ST60. I have run this for two 8 hour intervals without noticing much effect : https://s3.amazonaws.com/CleanScreen/index.html On the other hand after running JScreenFix for two 6 hour intervals it seems to finally be fading and appears much less noticable.
$1600 for a demo 55ST60 that seems like a rip off. I paid $1250 for a new 50ST50 here in Australia.The Canadian and Australian dollars are nearly the same at the present time.
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