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yep thats what i thought... the 'dead' area in my projection is anything outside the the circle crop that i applied to the video i made. the circle crop is a uniform circle so i take it all that's left to do is find the correct distance between the projector and the screen right?
thanks for the reply. I think maybe i worded it all wrong. The circle screen is not curved. its a flat screen like any projector screen only shaped like a circle instead of rectangular. The reason why I'm confused about whether the image will fit is because of aspect ratios? But I think I'm just being stupid now, because surely I just have to calculate the aspect ratio of the circle screen and see that it matches that of my video circle...? thanks again.
Hi everyone and thanks for the help, Im making a video projection for a music festival. It is to be projected onto a big circle screen. the circle will be 12 feet across... My project is done in after effects. I've rendered out the video in the following format -HDTV 1920 x 1080 -16:9 Aspect Ratio I have also added a circle mask which lies bang on in the center of the video. My question basically is, will this circle fit perfectly onto the 12foot across screen? I...
Hi everyone and thanks in advance for your help and time. I have been handed a project for a very big music festival. One of the asks is that I project a looping image onto one of the round tents of the festival, meaning you'll be able to see a looping image on top of it at night. I'm not concerned with getting the image visible during the day, this is just a night time thing. I'm also not concerned with warping as I know how to deal with that. What I'm...
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