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Hi, I just bought a new Focus, looking to improve the factory sound a bit, thinking of adding a small sub. Is anyone aware of any custom sub enclosures for this car? A
Thanks, I will check into those models. I just wasn't sure if there would be an issue running the pre-outs and the powered terminals at the same time. It seems like a few manufacturers warn against doing that. A
Hello, I have a pair of powered Mackie HR624 speakers that came from a professional recording studio, and I would like to see if I can incorporate them into my home theater surround. I'm looking for a receiver that would have a pre-amp out that could be used for stereo listening via the HR624's, and powered outputs to drive my Polk 5.1 surround system. Does anyone have any recommendations? I would like to keep it in the $500-$600 range. Also, I wonder if it would be...
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