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BTW, if any zt owners are House of Cards fans season two was released the other day. The super HD looks pretty nice.
Honestly, wouldn't one have to recalibrate every few hundred hours? Especially with a plasma? What I've learned about plasma so far is that there's constant shift and decay going on. Would seem logical to recalibrate every few hundred hrs or so. I guess there is a plateau but even then the picture is undergoing changes. What I can tell from my zt is that the picture keeps getting better and better
That apps not bad but the thx app has more calibration options, you can even calibrate your sound system. If you have a tablet with an ir blaster it can be used to control your whole home theater. I was going to get the new touch harmony but discovered I can do away with all my remotes using this method.
I second that. But for me it made a 5% difference in the negative. It made the picture look almost saturated and for lack of better word "heavy." I couldn't believe such a cheaply made device cost so much money. You are not alone.
LOL hey I don't know how these phosphors behave. This is my first plasma after all. When watching the shootout one of the calibrators told a story about having bad IR on a set but having to return it back to the manufacturer. What they did was put on an all white screen and leave it on for hours, maybe he said days. That actually cleared up the IR. Rather, it masked it temporarily so they could return the set with no problem. Maybe leaving the set on an all black screen...
Right, I read my little insert and the two fine articles here. When folks talk about the "gap" they frequently mention the word "gapless" in phrases such as "my TV isn't gapless" etc., there are plenty of examples throughout the thread. I was pointing out the glass separation issue probably has nothing to do with the air gapless tech developed by Pana, IOW the TV isn't becoming not gapless just because one can see separation in the corner where glass meets the bezel. It...
That looks bad! What I'm referring to is the corner sticking out slightly more than the rest of the panel with maybe a hairline gap. That picture looks like the glass is warping outward away from the rest of the TV and not just in the corners but all around. And least anyone think I'm making light of this situation trust me I'm not but after nearly half a year with the zt Im much more comfortable around it and not stressing as much. It is aretty penny most of us paidWhat I...
Maybe go with that clear 3m book tape used to repair the corners on old library books The reason I don't think the separation is going to impact the TV is because the "bonding" of the front piece and back piece is deeper in the bezel and not right on edge. If I look closely I can see the corners stick out more than the middle and there is foam all around at the outside edge. I don't see a gap but the corners aren't as flush as the rest of the panel. I do think the bonding...
I agree. This late in the game it is going to be hard to find a unit. The 8500 is an exceptional TV and you can get one brand new no floor models.As for the repair, with all the issues I've had with different units over the years I've never seen any manufacturer actually repair anything. They either swap one part out for another or give you a refund. Probably more cost efficient.
I woke up this morning to find that my zt has been on the whole night. I left it on with the player turned off so thankfully it was just a black screen... Now to go check the weather and see if my picture appears darker than usual. Anyone know if I should be worried about anything having a static black screen on for 7 hrs straight?
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