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Hey guys looking for some help here, was wondering if anyone knows if the arris cable box is "ip" control or if I would have to use "ir" control Thanks
thanks for the help guys...
hello, does anyone know if you can control a xbox360 threw ip? or any other way? threw irule... thanks
Ok thanks how did you adapt the insteon hardware to irule?
Hello, Looking to add lightning to my irule system, any ideas what lightning system to use and works with irule? Thanks
Hi, has anyone hooked up a irule or a global cache to a vsx-112? If so what method did you use to connect it... Thanks
thanks for the info!
hi guys need a little help, i just got a pioneer vsx-1122-k and i want to hook it up to irule do i also need a global cache module or do i just plug the vsx-1122-k into my local network, and do the setup on the irule software? thanks
Awesome thanks for the info!
Hubertoliver, just wondering how you like the vsx-1122 after two weeks of playing with it? Just bought one and any info would be great info thanks
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