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Thanks so much. So impossible! LOL...a bad B&W speaker?? Who would have thunk? Took the one on the right that wasn't working and replaced it with the one on the left and it started working. Then, just to be sure...put my Polk in the right spot and it's working perfectly along with the good B&W on the left. I'm wondering if maybe my speaker was dropped? I really appreciate your help on this. I'm really shocked a brand new B&W set of speakers would go bad. That being...
OK thanks so it's a new setup. Front towers and center work perfectly with the receiver. Just got the surround sound speakers tonight and cut the cable and no luck. I haven't tried other sources as of yet but maybe that's an idea. Are you saying this might be a possible receiver issue? I always and will check out everything so I have another Yamaha upstairs where I can check both speakers. Really appreciate it!
Hey guys...thanks in advance for any help. So here is my setup: [*] Panasonic p65vt50 [*] Bowers & Wilkens 683 tower speakers [*] Bowers & Wilkens Center Channel (Forgot model) [*] Bowers & Wilkens M1 surround speakers [*] Yamaha RX-A820 receiver [*] Audioquest Type 2 Speaker Cable [*] Audioquest Banana Plugs My huge problem is this. My receiver when doing the mic test only shows the right surround sound speaker. I have checked the obvious, red on red, black on...
Dumb post Joe.
Go into your Sony menu and make sure the input for the Blu Ray player is on HDMI for video and optical (whatever number you choose) for audio. Though...why are you using optical for the Blu Ray? Why not just use HDMI for both. Seems like a simple fix, so just go into the onscreen menu and that should solve your problem.
Not saying this is it but I had this problem with one of my tube televisions back in the day. What it ended up being was a speaker that was sitting to the right of the TV and was causing interference. As soon as I moved the speaker the problem went away. Might be worth it to see if you have anything electrical which may be causing interference issues. Otherwise, if you have an extended warranty why not get a replacement or at least have the technician come out to look?...
I always found that by keeping the contrast low during my TC-P65VT50 break in period that it seems to help the IR from not being a factor. I agree with others as well, I got my first 37 inch Panny Plasma in 2005 and never did the break in period and the TV rocks. However, I feel the larger the screen the more careful you need to be in terms of the break in period.
New Posts  All Forums: