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Yes. Handshake issue. Probably ARC related.
They are not close.
Run YPAO? Do you get sound from them when you run the test signal? You sure you have them turned on? Sure you have them hooked up right?
It depends on a lot of things for certain. The fact that they are tuned a little above 70 is enough to tell me that, in general, 80 would be a better xover than 60. In most cases the majority of the filtering is done by the AVR and not the sub anyway.
I wouldnt count on the 22s to go down to 60 reliably. The 52s maybe although I personally wouldnt set them at 60 either. My sub can do 60-80 much better. Most likely the reason you feel like you get too much bass when you set the sub higher than 60 with the 22s is because you are getting better bass between 60-80 from your sub than the 22s.
The 667 will power the speakers just fine. Unless you want different features another amp would likely make no difference.
Just running 2.0 or 2.1 you should be fine.
Thats a miracle.
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