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Is there a program you can buy and download to the tv that makes the heads lifesize all the time regardless of whatever else is being displayed?
Why is it so important that heads be lifesize when you watch tv?
Good stuff.
If you know enough that placement is important you should know that theres no ideal place that will work for everyone. You will have to experiment with or measure your specific room.
This might interest you. But you should start another thread regarding your speakers.http://www.avsforum.com/t/1512562/update-3-19-14-arx-a1b-vs-ascend-acoustics-cbm-170-se-vs-wharfedale-diamond-10-1-vs-energy-rc-10-vs-carnegie-acoustics-csb-1/240#post_24570660Paradigm are good speakers. Those appear to be an older model.http://www.paradigm.com/products-current/type=tower/series=monitor/model=monitor-7/page=overviewThe DefTech satellites are also good...
Looks like its out of stock everywhere. It seems to be out of stock more than its for sale. I'd just buy something else.
lol Little penguin!
And it was designed by a grey haired old man with a slide rule and drawing board.
Geez. I thought that was over. I thought he bribed the judge to get an acquittal.
Keep in mind that a hipster with an iMac probably designed that.
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