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Correction: Schu won in everything he sat in except Mercedes. According to ericglo Ferrari would have won nothing without him but even he couldnt bring success to Mercedes.
In 1954 Fangio drove for Maserati and Mercedes. Im getting my crap from the same place as your crap.That link shows nothing more than Mercedes won a few races between 35 and 39. Hardly any sort of domination in the 30s and further proof that youre just grasping at straws. Im still waiting for something that shows they won some sort of championship 6 out of 7 years.
Do you have any proof that Merecedes dominated the 30s. Please post something.In 1954 it was a Maserati Merecedes motor. Doesnt count.In 1955 it was driven by Fangio who was winning in everything he sat in. Barely counts. And of course thats still not a Constructors title.
No I dont think you can. Are the Polks powered speakers? Do they have RCA inputs? So youre wanting the 673 to power your sub? The sub preouts dont carry a full signal.Question is why in the world would you want to hook it up that way?
I'm sure hes talking about Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.
The factory isnt closed permanently. Atleast not yet. And they havent quit racing. They just arent doing LeMans. There is still some hope. It would seem kinda foolish to lay off workers and close the plant because money is tight and then continue a full racing program.
If theyre closing the factory they probably dont have the parts to keep them racing.
Actually I think its interesting. But Id like more detail because some of this stuff just doesnt sound right.
Where are you getting this stuff? I thought we were talking about Formula One. Are you digging up stuff from the year 1900 on or what? I know Merecedes did well when Hitler was running things but in what 7 years did Mercedes win the drivers title 6 years? If youre going to give us a history lesson then make it a proper one. Should I start counting the stuff that Enzo did with Alfa Romeo or something?
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