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Maybe you should restate the question because I have no idea what youre talking about.
It is.
rotfl Whats Vettel doin down there?
Again? Dammit.
There is probably a manual you can download at the Yamaha website.
That would be the only way to overcome that problem.
They are indeed just an energy drink company whether YOU like it or not. What he says only carries weight because hes the money man. Although, like others, I agree he has some valid points. But to act like hes going to pack up his toys and play somewhere else tells me hes a dick. RB is not the 4 time Champions because of him. They are because of who he hired. If RB pulled out tomorrow the people truly responsible would simply disperse to other teams.Ive said it before and...
Sounds like hes just frustrated. And not alone.I never expected them to be in it for the long haul anyway. Ferrari, McLaren and Williams are the mainstay of F1. If one of them quits it will be real news.
Great stories. I also am envious. I must have missed something though. How are you able to have such access to these drivers and machines?
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