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lol He is. Hes come in 2nd in 2010, 2012 and 2013 in an inferior car. He could easily have 4 or even 5 Drivers Championships given a little bit of luck. Hes the only one thats given Vettel any competition since RB started their domination.Unfortunately hes not getting any younger and may also end up being known for wasting his career and talents at Ferrari.
Hes the best current driver in F1.
Normal.Lipsync will vary by source.Its switching between displaying DD and PL because the movie is 2.0. Its not really switching codecs.
I was afraid you might run into that. If you had called yesterday you could have picked it up last night. Live and learn.
Yes. You will want the C21 if you get the 51s.
Unfortunately he doesnt have the whole season to customize the car to his liking. Everyone is on a steep learning curve this year.
IndyCar Grand Prix of Alabama next Sunday. Alabama is a great track.
Its an option after the first attempt. I'd call 'em ASAP.
You cant go pick it up?
"Hunt vs Lauda". Sunday April 27. 7p EST on Velocity. "Senna" is on right after at 8p EST.
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