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You cant. The front LR are your primaries. You can turn on/off all speakers except them. You could turn off the center and turn the front LR down to -10.
Agreed. He may benefit from better placement more than anything else.
Turn the LV12r down to 3 o'clock and you'll probably be ok.
Get the 8040 center. Make sure to pull it all the way forward on the mantle and prop up the back of it so that it points directly at the listening position.
Complex indeed. 5 wpc can be quite loud.
That is a truly frightening prospect. But I agree.
Dont know if its been mentioned already but MotoGP is at Austin this weekend.
And, of course, its negligent and bias to mention the support races without mentioning the premier race. IndyCar will be the main event at Long Beach.
+1 Not sure which is more ridiculous. The mention of insurance costs or better fuel economy.
This is the last year they are making the SLS AMG. If you want one buy it soon.
New Posts  All Forums: