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Thats probably a good idea. Just thinking. I would swap the chair with one of the couches. Move the sub by the steps straight back into the corner. Keep the couch away from the back wall so you can put your back surrounds there. Wall mount the side surrounds. Make any sense?
Be careful with that too. Not all companies have free return shipping. Shipping subs can be expensive.
Yi. Thats pretty ugly. You could do heights. Maybe wall mount side surrounds too. Your subs probably arent well placed. Have you tried moving one to a back corner?
Sounds like a good plan.
Get 2. Seems like a good sub and you sound sold on it already.
Zeus, Agreed. I do enjoy racing behind the leaders though if its hard fought and close. Probably we all do to some extent or we would have given up on F1 long ago. It seems like theres nearly always a dominant team.
What do you mean?
I guess everybody should just pack up their toys and go home then.
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