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So basically it has better room correction software.One thing that has me curious though is that one reviewer said that it finally has long requested biamping capabilities for front LR. Isnt biamping a waste of time unless you defeat the crossover in the speaker?
In my experience a post that starts with "No offense" is usually offensive. A well thought out and civilized answer by Jim though. Keep up the good work.
What do people claim makes it sound better than all the others?
Good to know. Thanks.
Good luck with the sell. Just for the record you should know that posting that here is against the rules. Have you posted in the Classified section?
Its not the satellites making it run hot its the Sony towers hes using as mains. And it hasnt overheated and popped dead.He never did answer my question as to what level hes listening at but you can overheat any receiver if you push it too hard. The solution is to not push it too hard.
Lucky for you it's not punishable by death.Set the Sonys to small and you'll be ok.
Do you have a sub? What volume are you listening at? Is the receiver well ventilated?
New Posts  All Forums: