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Leave them alone. Its not really measuring the actual physical distance even though its usually close.
Totally agree. Santander must have the good drugs.
1) Yes. It will block the ventilation slots and vibrate the AVR. Dont do it.
lol Ever tried it?
What car? All I see is headlights.
Been out of town and just watched the race. Mercs are looking really tough. RB looks to have reliability now so it wont be long before they start winning. Feel bad for Ricciardo and Raikkonen. Only really exciting part for me was the brief battle between Hulk and Alonso.
If its 5.1 that would be ok but if its a 2.0 source the center channel wont work. I generally use Standard.
Both of your guesses are good ones. Try changing the cable and turning off HDMI Control and ARC.
If you set your speakers to small or turn on Extra Bass the sub will work.
+1 If that doesnt work just leave it on.
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