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Good luck with the sell. Just for the record you should know that posting that here is against the rules. Have you posted in the Classified section?
Its not the satellites making it run hot its the Sony towers hes using as mains. And it hasnt overheated and popped dead.He never did answer my question as to what level hes listening at but you can overheat any receiver if you push it too hard. The solution is to not push it too hard.
Lucky for you it's not punishable by death.Set the Sonys to small and you'll be ok.
Do you have a sub? What volume are you listening at? Is the receiver well ventilated?
Yi. That is a shame. If just 1 worked youd be in business. No wonder they gave it to you. I cant think of anything it might be good for.
Great to see Webber having success. Sounds like hes really going out of his way not to act like he's a bigshot because he drove in F1. Thats good but not unexpected. He's always been pretty humble.
Id say its unlikely. Just make sure you can return the wireless kit if you have problems.
Listed specs are 38-150.
What size is the tv? Its unlikely you can get it fixed at that price. You will most likely have to replace the whole HDMI board even if the ports are ok. If you can find the part and do it yourself it may be that cheap. But what if that doesnt fix it? Maybe take it somewhere and get an estimate on it.
New Posts  All Forums: